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Welcome New lash Artist!

We are so thrilled you are taking the steps to a new brighter future as a successful lash artist.

We offer a comprehensive 2-day curriculum designed to set you up for as a new lash artist. In the Beginners Course, you will learn how to apply eyelash extensions using the best techniques and get educated about products in the industry through real-life practice. 

The 2-day course is very informative and will average about 10 hours of training per day.

In addition to your training you will receive a Student Kit with all the tools you need for you’re in-class lash applications while attending the Training Program, As well as a Business Development Kit Includes both application supplies to practice your new skill set on about 30 people, and key information about maximizing your potential as a lash artist.

Kit Supplies is a total product value of over $250


Are you a Licensed Cosmetologist or Aesthetician ?

 ARE YOU looking for some Fun Informative CEU Classes?

we got you covered!

Come join us for one of our CEU classes.

**** Advanced Lash Technician****

****Volume Lash Technician****

****Extension Design and Color****

****The Art of Lash Lifts****

****Beautiful Brows ****

****Speed Waxing****

**** Building Your Brazilian Wax Skills****

****Men's Waxing****